we are quadruplets





We are quadruplets. We play together, eat together, even have bath together except Krishna! We sleep together. We are four twins, born within one mother. We all like to run around when we go down to play except Lakshmi who likes to sit. For Jayanthi, the tab is her life. We often fight for things to eat and play with. We all love to play with electronics. We like to write. One of us has met Aishwariya Rai. Our friend Jordan has met Naseeruddin Shah. Lakshmi loves to eat. She likes to listen to ‘kaja’ her code word for songs. She loves to hold Dad’s hand when she comes out.

We all do crazy things. We like to rag each other. When we go out on vacation, my mother goes on taking photos. It is very irritating to hold Lakshmi and Jayanthi together and make them pose, as if it is an animation movie.

Krishna can never help in finding something so Appa has made a little poem for him “What anybody can find, why should I find. What nobody can find, why should I find?”

Jayashree has invented her own version of the English language. She says things like ‘My teacher has taughten me’. She asked Ganapati for his phone number before visarjan.

Jayanthi throws things from the terrace when she is bored; things like the TV remote, Appa’s Blackberry, katoris, spoons. Now Appa is planning to put a mesh on all the windows.

Lakshmi removes the regulators from the fan switch and plays with them. Now Appa has got them permanently fixed so we can’t adjust the speed of the fan.


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