the trustees

together foundation is a public charitable trust and all our programmes are run on a no-profit basis. The space for running the life skills centre has been available, rent free by a parent. We also have several luminaries who guide our organisation on an honorary basis.

Dr. Y. K. Amdekar
Medical Director of Wadia Hospital, former professor of paediatrics at Grant Medical College of Mumbai, and former president of Indian Academy of Paediatrics.

Sangeetha Chakrapani, 42
Her children, Krishna, Lakshmi, Jayanthi and Jayashree have been a great inspiration for founding together, which aims to create an inclusive world for special needs people. She is committed to creating facilities for people with special needs to work and live meaningfully in a safe and secure environment.

V. Chakrapani, 52
Group Head, Audit and Compliance at HDFC Bank. The trust and the centre was created with his help and support. He guides the organisation in its long term goals and development.