the cookie chart


We  will be baking cookies every weekend for this festive season. Please call on 9930358173 and come home….talk to us… help us talk to you.
Our address:
Flat number 704, Acme Harmony 2, Poonam Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai-400093

Diwali dates. Timings 9.00-12.00AM, 3.00- 7.00PM

11th and 12th October 2014

18th and 19th October 2014

25th and 26th October 2014

Chocolate gem studded cookies: Rs.120 per dozen

Chocolate Fruit and Nut cookies: Rs.150 per dozen

Grandpa’s Special- Chocolate Sugar Free Cookies (made with Natura Sugar Free): Rs.130 per dozen



We love Lakshmi’s cookies. Everyday we ask Amma if it is Lakshmi’s cookie day. Lakshmi has worked very hard to learn to bake cookies. The cookie project is for Lakshmi a learning project to achieve something, to get thanks from somebody. People all over Mumbai will know that Lakshmi’s cookies are the best. East or West, Lakshmi’s cookies are the best.


Lakshmi is very creative. We should thank Ms.Rinku for helping her. Her cookies are very tasty. People should know that Lakshmi has some talent. If Lakshmi’s cookie project is very successful, I will feel very happy. Whatever money we earn, we can give it to a charity company.

We will upload Lakshmi’s cookie video on You Tube so that others can learn to bake cookies from Lakshmi.

Lakshmi by Krishna

I don’t want any fame. I only want friends. Plus I would like to see people eating my cookies. That would be a happy fame.

Jayanthi by Jayashree

It is a fun activity to decorate the boxes. I don’t feel somebody is forcing me to do something.

18 thoughts on “the cookie chart

  1. Dear Krishna, Lakshmi, Jayanthi and Jayashree. Wishing you lots of luck in your new venture. Have fun too and don’t forget to make me a few cookies. Sneha is waiting to taste them too.
    Loads of love and hugs
    Vaidehi Periamma


  2. To the Fantastic Four and their equally amazing parents – I am so happy and proud to see what you are up to! I am queueing up for the cookies and am sure many of us at Ummeed will.


  3. My heart jumps with joy seeing this really happen!!! Heartfelt congratulations Sangeetha and Rinku – you dared to dream and have made it a reality. Laxmi has been a master chef from her past life and can’t wait to taste her cookies. And Jayanthi, our little master of peace am sure has added generous doses of calm into them. Congratulations to Krishna and Jayashree too, for being a part of this beautiful venture!! Way to go, guys, God be with you!!


    1. Thank you Ruchi aunty for congratulating us. We will give you 14 extra cookies, 7 extra for you and 7 extra for Arijeet. Please bring Arijeet here and you can have a stayover with us.


  4. Was eagerly waiting for this day, to see the tenacious effort put in by 10 year olds and to witness their creation. I would recommend them as the BEST COOKIES IN TOWN- the best I have ever tasted – what a texture, perfectly cut and out of this world delicious!!! Beautifully served as soon as we reached for tasting, couldn’t just stop asking for more. Meticulously packed and served with pure joy. A must not miss experience. Not to forget the most authentic South Indian food that was generously offered as we reached there to pick up our orders. Way to go, kiddos- so so so proud of you!! And thanks Sangeeta for your warm hospitality. And guys don’t forget to ask Laxmi what she has made – her sense of accomplishment is immense – justifiably so – a feat few 10 year olds could have imagined. Kudos👍👍👍


    1. Thank you Ruchi aunty for your comments. I am waiting for you to come and take your second batch of cookies. Hope Aru also liked the cookies. We will try to make more tasty cookies whenever you want.


  5. Dearest kids, you all are amazing. So proud of what you have done. . …I am so excited to eat your cookies. Placing my order right away. By the way, You all are very lucky to have such wonderful and encouraging parents. Lots of love, Aparna Aunty


  6. Lakshmi and Jayanthi we ate your cookies and we tasted your love 🙂 which went behind into making them
    It’s a very rare combination to have skill and love combined which you girls possess and all we can say is that they were truly the best cookies and this combination will win u a lot of appreciation and blessings
    We are hooked on to your marvellous cookies
    God bless both of you,luv Ayesha and pasham sitlani


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