together life skills centre will conduct a transition to adulthood programme that includes vocational training. The programme is ambitious and seeks to inculcate a natural sense of responsibility, spontaneous desire to communicate and ability to conduct oneself reasonably in work/home environment.

  1. Our teachers/volunteers/helpers will function as co-workers. We believe that as young adults, our students deserve teachers who are more their partners and friends.
  2. We encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect among all the people who work with us in any capacity and support a non-hierarchical ethos.
  3. We believe in dignity of labour and our students will be taught basic tasks like emptying the garbage bin and cleaning the toilet to help them become independent.
  4. Since we do not have a one-to-one ratio of co-workers to students, we allow/request families to allocate a co-worker to students who require intensive monitoring in health issues/using the washroom/extreme behaviours that can cause self-injury and injury to others.
  5. Admissions: We can comfortably accommodate 20 students in the programme. All young people between 12 and 20 years with autism and other intellectual impairments are eligible. We only require our students to be toilet-trained.
  6. Fees: A monthly fee is charged to cover the costs of staff/ administration/ maintenance.
  7. Exit Policy: This is done in consultation with parents and depending on the age of the student at the time of admission, we recommend reviewing the way forward after a period of 2-4 years. Unless there are extreme behaviour issues/long periods of irregular attendance, students will be retained in the programme.
  8. Holidays: We will be closed from end April to first week of June for summer break, around two and a half weeks during Diwali, a week for Christmas in addition to ten bank holidays a year.