kiran khalap


Kiran uncle is a very important man. He runs chlorophyll brand and communications consultancy.

He taught the four of us how to think without help and how to design our own logo. He made all this happen for us. He made our name. He wrote our story. He told us to write our own blog in our own words. He set us free. Thank you Kiran uncle.

2 thoughts on “kiran khalap

  1. Kiran Uncle is not an important man:-) He just does what he loves to do…which is being a human being:-) You made the logo yourselves, you are setting yourselves free! By the way, because chlorophyll believes we are all equal as human beings, we don’t use capital letters when we write our company’s name! All the best with all my love,


    1. thank you kiran uncle.please do come and take cookies from us.we will let you know the dates.we would also like to come to chlorophyll and distribute cookies to everybody as soon as your office opens.on Monday to Friday we can come early morning


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