How do we get along with each other? by Krishna

We get along with each other in a very odd way. Jayanthi, accompanied by her life companion, the tab is always going around to people, even the watchman sometimes and shows her hand to be smacked. She also asks to play ball, which has become a new demand after the tab. It is sometimes irritating or relaxing. Jayashree and I have made this particular bargain that we will play ball three hundred times a day and not play for the next three days. Jayashree and I, sometimes at Puratos are up to mischief, in which Saatvik joins with a lively response. Saatvik comes behind us and brightens up our lives. Divya joins in everything cheerfully.
At home, Lakshmi tags me or Jayashree all the time, asking for help to put on the computer. Her favourite word for songs is ‘kaja’. She sometimes wakes up at night and cuts tomatoes and potatoes. Amma has started hiding the knives in the snack cupboard before going to sleep. Lakshmi is a big time-taker in wearing her shoes. Just in the nick of time, when all of us are hurriedly getting into the lift to leave for school, she sits down to wear her shoes as if she is the Queen of England. Lakshmi loves closing the cupboards and even leaves her teacher midway: anywhere and anytime she hears a cupboard being opened, she rushes to close it. It is sometimes very useful and sometimes irritating. Just when we finish our school work and sit to watch TV, they pounce on us like tigers and ask for help in various things.
Ultimately, we get along very well in a joyful manner. Because there are so many people in our lives, we would not know what to do by ourselves. We are so engrossed with each other that we don’t feel that it is work.

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