Our first cookies sold


Dear Grandfather, eat my cookies!

We sold our first cookies to our Grandfather and took lots of photos. We saw him eating cookies, that too sugar free cookies made by Lakshmi and Jayanthi’s lovely and fluffy hands. Waiting for you also to come and eat our cookies.

8 thoughts on “Our first cookies sold

  1. Dear Lakshmi and Jayanthi,
    Congratulations, this is wonderful. Wish I was in Mumbai to order your delicious cookies. Will definitely do so when I visit Mumbai. Good luck with your new sweet business.


  2. Dearest Lakshmi, Jayanthi, Jayshree and Krishna- proprietors of ‘Acme Harmony Cookie store’,

    I love your new idea of baking cookies ‘together’. I can’t wait to come down to India to taste your yummy cookies. I would love to see the way you’ll together bake them which I am sure it must be a lot of fun. Also, would love to learn to bake them from Lakshmi and Jayanthi. I would love to spend some time talking with all of you in your own sweet languages.

    I like your colourful cookie box too.

    I love you all a lot. Sending lots of love and best wishes for your new venture.


    1. Dear Aunty
      1. On the blog, there is a cookie chart. There is lot of information about the cookie dates. Please choose one date and come.
      2. We will also give you a chance to bake cookies!


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