Autism is when a child does not fully understand something, only halfway understands. Autism is fun because when a child has autism, there are no rules. You can talk to him whatever you want and he will also say or not say whatever he wants.He does not have to learn Science, Geography, History and does not have to worry about tomorrow or today.


Autism is a neurological problem but it can be solved in many ways. But that does not mean we give them too much of ease, they can do lot of things. My sisters, Lakshmi and Jayanthi are diagnosed with autism but autistic children are very innocent.

Lakshmi by Krishna

Autism is a bit difficult but at the same time I can learn to deal with myself as I become bigger, I can express myself in different ways: when I want something very badly I shout, I also like to playfully trouble my brother.

Jayanthi by Jayashree

You can express what you want to say without thinking, whether it is correct or not, grammatical or not. It is a dream world, full of my thoughts only. There is no programme for tomorrow.


What is the difference between us?

What are our hopes for autism? What do we dream for? What do we want for autism?

What do we feel badly about autism?


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