as we are


 ‘I love to run freely’ Jayanthi 


Jayanthi by Jayashree

My name is Jayanthi. I study in a school called Adya Akshar and bake cookies at Together. I love running freely in an open ground. I love playing on the tab, specially the puzzles. My favourite subject is writing. I have four medals in running. I love painting with my fingers. I love to eat Nutella.

“My favourite subject is Maths.” Jayashree999592_10201610434076753_19399634_n

My name is Jayashree. I study in a school called Jamnabai Narsee and bake cookies at Together. I am in grade VI D. I love running and playing football. In my school, there was an inter school tournament. I was selected and was the only girl selected and we won. My favourite subject is Maths; it is the most easy and interesting. My best friend is Jayanthi. She is cute, beautiful, friendly, silent, playful, she is faster than me in skating but she is always in her dream world.

‘I like eating kachoris and bhajiyas’ Krishna


My name is Krishna. I live in Andheri East, Poonam Nagar, Mumbai. I am ten and a half years old. I feel the cookie project will be a great success. I love noodles and pizza and also love playing cricket and football. I also like participating in sports and other things. I have met Aishwariya Rai on March 23rd at NSCI Grounds. My father, V.Chakrapani is a banker at HDFC Bank and heads the Audit Department. I study in a school called Jamnabai Narsee. I hate eating Palak and other leafy vegetables. My sister Jayashree has won medals in 4 races. I have won 8 certificates and 3 medals. I love eating kachoris and bhajiyas.

“I love eating” Lakshmi 


Lakshmi by Krishna

My name is Lakshmi. I love torturing Krishna and asking for help. I love eating. I love to watch Shah Rukh Khan songs. I love to sleep next to my dad. I love Maggi. I like school at Adya Akshar. I like to play with my brothers and sisters. I love to make sandwiches and cookies. I also like to torture mummy and daddy. I love to go out.

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