together life skills centre is starting the Prayas modules of computer education from the first week of August 2016. This will be conducted for every student from the perspectives of both ‘learn to earn’ and ‘learn for self-development’ thereby providing learning to students with varying aptitudes.
Prayas is a Computer and iPad Training Programme for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders; initiated by Autism Society of India, Bangalore, India.
At Prayas, the endeavour is to provide parents and educators with tools to make their children/students successful. This has been possible as our focus is on results, by creating a situation, an environment which suits the sensory needs of an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our Project, “Reinforcing Potentials” has been implemented as evidence based project, where a process curriculum is followed; where, with the help of computers, small applications in the form of lessons, one works on cognition as well as development of skills related to computers.
Medha Pujari from Pune–one of the ‘Team India Member-Prayas’ will be a visiting trainer to implement the above objective at together life skills centre,Mumbai


20 thoughts on “prayaslab

  1. A huge step towards independence…

    Very very proud of these super talented children and their teacher Rinku. Truly inspiring! Kudos to the teacher for identifying their skills and tapping their potential and ‘area of interest’ at such a young age…

    Eagerly awaiting my box of cookies… All the very best children 🙂


    1. Sairam Shibu bhaiya
      We are eagerly waiting for you to come and eat our cookies. Please place your order quickly on the cookie chart page. You can also get a chance to bake cookies with us. Bye Shibu bhaiya.


  2. I am completely awed by this initiative. There’s a lot to learn from these four angels! And the site looks absolutely stunning. Will order my cookies soon. 🙂


    1. Thank you for being stunned! We will give you extra colourful cookies. Please come and buy our cookies: please look up The Cookie Chart and select whatever you want.


  3. Awesome!! I will come and attend a baking class with you and eat some yummy cookies made by you. All the best to all four of you-TEAM4


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