what do we feel badly about autism



I feel bad that autistic people cant communicate for themselves. Speech is very precious and I feel very bad for those who cant talk. Still there are some advantages of autism that we don’t know but autistic children know. Autistic children have a secret in them that has to be uncovered; by finding their skills.

They can’t communicate with us the way we communicate with each other. They communicate but we don’t understand it. I feel bad when people misuse the word autism and talk badly about them. I feel bad when people make fun of autistic children and the autistic children can’t understand that somebody is making fun of them.

Lakshmi (by Krishna)
I feel bad that I cannot say words without a code word. I cant express myself properly so I get upset. I think that I can get as much food as I want but when I don’t, I get irritated.

Jayanthi (by Jayashree)
I can’t communicate when Jayashree asks me something and when I say something with my eyes, Jayashree can’t understand. I can’t understand Jayashree’s jokes and when I laugh, Jayashree can’t understand why.

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