what can we achieve? anything!

together is a place to live and learn to live… happily!


Jayanthi will do something sensitive..she can teach people to meditate, she can advise people without saying a word, she can be an artist who does not follow any rules.

Lakshmi is the computer emblem of the family..it runs in her blood to do and achieve what she wants to achieve.

Satyam will start a food factory and there will be lots of fun food, chaats etc..he will not do anything ordinary..he will run a chain of restaurants and the most unique thing about his food factory will be that there will be no menu.. you have to eat what he wants you to eat..he is the boss!

Rimsha is beautiful and shining..she will run a school of etiquette and beauty and teach everyone how to be!

Divya– Ah! Divya can easily do anything..she is creative..she won’t give up on anything..she can be the head of a school..we can make her the head of together.

Saatvik can be a dancer, singer, chef, football player. Everything he does will be unique. If he was the captain of the football team, the players would have fun and be allowed to dance on the field. Saatvik will open a laughter club.

Umang will be a musician and have a showroom for cars. His showroom will be unique because it will also be a listening club for music lovers.

Vikrant will open an exclusive martial arts academy and the most famous movie stars will learn body building from him to prep for their roles.

Anjali will be a music teacher..she will successfully teach people of all abilities to play music.

Shwayne will become a famous football player but he will also teach special children. He does not need to study for it though because he has worked and played and been with different children with different abilities..so he will help his mother to run her school.

Jayashree is good at repairing things so she will do home service and repair expensive and rare things for people at their homes.She will be the only person to go through IIT and offer a home programme in repairing.

Krishna will write about everyday things, the most ordinary things but make it interesting..he will write a book about how to enjoy life.




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